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Douglas, IM, GB

Bahamas Petroleum Company plc is an oil and gas exploration company with 100% owned offshore licences exclusively focused on the...

Adelaide, SA, AU

Melbourne, VI, AU

Straume, NO

Hyderabad, AP, IN

Denver, CO, US

Calgary, AB, CA

Calgary, AB, CA

Calgary, AB, CA

Perth, WA, AU

New York, NY, US

Stavanger, NO

Calgary, AB, CA

Denver, CO, US

Houston, TX, US

Blast Energy Services, Inc. is an oil and gas producing company, which intends to become an independent oil and gas...

Boise, ID, US

Houston, TX, US

Brisbane, QL, AU

Toronto, ON, CA

London, LO, GB

Salt Lake City, UT, US

Nanaimo, BC, CA

Limerick, LK, IE