Guinness Atkinson Renminbi Yuan & Bond Fund

Guinness Atkinson Renminbi Yuan & Bond Fund

Sector: Management Investment Offices Open-end Region: CA, United States

: | Nasdaq: GARBX

About GARBX: China has become the world’s second largest economy and a leading player in world trade; its currency is making progress toward internationalization and may be on its way to achieving leading world currency status.

As the Chinese government has been relaxing currency restrictions and renminbi yuan bonds have begun trading in Hong Kong, Guinness Atkinson gives you the opportunity to participate in China’s growth in a distinctive way.

If you agree with many economists who believe that China’s currency would appreciate against the US dollar if it were allowed to trade freely, you may wish to invest in our Renminbi Yuan & Bond Fund. A stronger yuan would be consistent with China’s need to reduce inflation internally and the United State’s need to battle deflation.

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Investing in China's Currency, the Renminbi Yuan

The Guinness Atkinson Renminbi Yuan & Bond Fund provides access to China's currency, the renminbi yuan, by holding renminbi cash and seeking to earn interest while you wait for currency appreciation, all while aiming to keep credit risks very low.

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Investing in China's Currency, the Renminbi Yuan


Edmund Harriss, Investment Director & Fund Lead Manager
Having managed the Asia Funds for over 14 years both from London and from Hong Kong, Edmund Harriss is dedicated to understanding the agents of change. It’s about making ourselves ready for the new world that is unfolding in front of our eyes. For Edmund there is nothing quite like studying companies and making the right investment call. He welcomes the sense of responsibility to all the people invested in his funds. He embraces that trust that has been placed in him, relishes the challenge, and enjoys nothing more than to deliver on those hopes.

In the process of translating grand transformational themes into a stock portfolio, Edmund seeks to understand businesses and to forecast a range of outcomes before making a final investment decision.

Trend not to be overlooked: Demographic change. The populations of the developed world are getting older while the developing economies are now the source of new workers. This trend presages a major shift in the balance of economic power in the world.
Tim Guinness, Chief Investment Officer & Fund Manager
As a Founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Guinness Atkinson Funds, Tim Guinness is a logic-based value investor with nearly 40 years of experience. He believes in hard work and discipline, subjecting stocks to a gauntlet of due diligence. His investment strategy, a draw not only for investors but also for those joining his team, involves a combination of crunching the numbers into a fine powder, constantly reviewing sectors and sub-sectors for profitability and growth potential, and staying sharply focused on the themes of global transformation and profound change.

Tim’s investment strategy also involves riding his bicycle to work in the morning – demonstrating a passion for life that equals his love for numbers. In fact, he founded the company on the basic principal that investment opportunities could be enhanced by focusing on specific global themes that are changing our lives today and will continue to do so long into the future. Tim and co-founder Jim Atkinson have an ongoing contest to see who can generate the most enthusiasm. Soon they will have to take out warehouse space to store it all.

Trend not to be overlooked: Energy demand growth in the developing world, which will likely be met by both traditional sources, like oil and gas, and renewable sources, like wind and solar.

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